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5 ways to make the most of your data

Most companies collect data, but do they make effective use of it? Five experts in real estate data and analytics, including Coyote's Millie Lewis, share their tips for giving meaning to the numbers.

Tech to save time – time for what?

Many of us are marketing the digitisation of data as a time-saving phenomenon, but why is saving time actually useful? Will automation steal our jobs? Should we be worried or excited?

How to break into CRE technology
as a career

Coyote Software CEO, Oli Farago, shares his insights on the foundations that will ensure success when approaching a career in CRE technology for this piece written by Kelsi Maree Borland.

Working from home – a tech perspective

A look at the experience of a company which is accustomed to having the team in the office on a daily basis, making the switch to a remote workforce model and what we have learned.

Why should big buy from small?

Why should big buy from small?   I’ve been asked the same question a few times recently – in pitches and in meetings; “why would ...

PropTech’s biggest flaw?

An interesting conversation has been taking place of late, all around the question of: What is PropTech’s biggest flaw? The always fascinating Dan Hughes has offered ...

Collaboration, the future of PropTech?

Collaboration and consolidation are among the most essential methods for providing property professionals with the best possible products and services. It’s my belief that continued ...

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