Working at Coyote

We’re a team of talented people passionate about creating beautiful software used by the biggest names in commercial real estate.


We’ve created a culture that supports flexible working

Everyone’s circumstances are different, so whether it’s childcare, family responsibilities or other commitments, everyone has the flexibility to ensure that the working week is in harmony with home life.


It’s in our DNA

Being agile was inevitable as a small team in the early days of product development. We’ve worked hard on retaining that agility throughout our growth, and pro-active collaboration between teams helps the wider company to continue to work effectively in short sprints.

Social inclusion

We hire based on ability

Not exclusively on experience. It means we’ve got an incredibly talented team from many different places and a rich diversity of backgrounds. Social inclusion is one of the ways that we can make sure everyone feels like they‘re part of the team from day one.

A voice for everyone

We’re a down to earth company

Yes, we know, everyone says that. But we’ve listened to the whole team since the very beginning and we’ve learnt that sometimes the quiet voice is the one you should pay extra attention to. Many other people in our team have brought experience and learnings from different verticals, that we’ve applied in our world and it’s contributed to the product we have today.

A closer look

Our culture deck has more information about what you can expect when working with the Coyote team. It gives a good overview of culture and benefits.

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