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Q&A: What is my exposure to retail in London?

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What is my exposure to retail in London?

Many of our clients are being asked a similar question by their investors, so Coyote’s Client Services Director Johnnie Sims, a former asset manager himself, talks about how Coyote is helping other asset managers to access and report on this information, instantly. 

Coyote enables asset managers to instantly calculate their portfolio’s exposure to any chosen market or sector, in order to mitigate risk and maximise a portfolio’s opportunity for ever-scaling success. To illustrate this point, a good example to use is the London retail market.

Let’s imagine there is an asset manager whose portfolio is a mix of high street retail assets located on the likes of Oxford Street and South Kensington High Street, and larger retail units such as supermarkets.

The manager hears, either directly or through the grapevine, that the high street retail market in central London is forecast to be heading for a severe slump, while the market for supermarkets and large out-of-town retail units is going in the opposite direction: up.

An asset manager will instantly need to know their portfolio’s exact exposure to say, the high street retail market, or to a particular tenant, in order to calculate risk and weigh up the best course of action in order to protect – perhaps even boost, their client’s investments.





Coyote’s platform ensures that every piece of data and information that the asset manager might need is accessible to them at any given time. Furthermore, filters, algorithms, and calculations can be applied and executed live and in an instant to provide clients with answers to questions more or less as soon as they are asked.

This enables asset managers to preempt and prepare answers for any expected questions that might arise, for example, during an investor meeting, and, thanks to it being so quick and simple to process data and queries, also makes it possible to answer unexpected ad-hoc questions on the fly and in an instant, impressing clients with instant and comprehensive insight into the exact nature of their exposure and how best to mitigate the risk, or take advantage, of those findings.

If you’d like to see how our clients are compiling data from multiple property management systems, and then are able to filter the results based on asset class, location, or tenant, see the product update here.


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