Coyote Product Update: May 2020

Here’s what’s new in Coyote

Want to know your exposure to a specific tenant, sector or region? This new feature update covers that for you – you can now filter through all of your tenancy data for all of your assets, in one place and at unit level.

Units Page

This brand new area of Coyote allows you to search all of your tenancy and arrears data effortlessly, and apply filters to refine your results in a more granular way than ever before. We’ve also added saved searches so that they’re ready to use the next time you come to that page. Save as many different searches as you like and switch between them as often as needed.

Customise and Export Tenancy Data

You can customise how data is displayed on the Units page by selecting which columns to display. As well as the ability to search and filter at unit level, you can export that data to Excel– helping you further analyse your tenancy data. You can choose to export all columns or just those in your customised view.

Key Stats per Sector

With the latest release, each sector can have its own bespoke grouping of key stats. This is great for users who invest in assets across multiple different sectors. For example, different key stat figures are needed when looking at an office building compared to development land, or when looking at an industrial unit compared to a hotel.

See the updates in action

If you already have a Coyote login, see these features in more detail in this article on the Help Centre.

New to Coyote?

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