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Coyote Software – product update May 2020

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Units Page | Managed

Do you often find yourself needing to analyse or report on a single tenant who occupies  multiple assets? Are you repeatedly trying to find vacant units, in order to assess what space you have available? Now you can with the new Units page in Coyote.

This new feature allows you to search all of your tenancy and arrears data effortlessly.

Apply filters to refine your results in a way that has never been possible at unit level.



Customise and Export Tenancy Data | Managed 

You can customise how data is displayed on the new units page by selecting which columns to display. Once you save this, Coyote will remember your preferred layout!

As well as the power to search and filter at unit level, it’s also possible to export that data – helping you to further analyse tenancy information.

Perform a search, apply filters such as a date range and an asset class, choose which columns to display, and then export the results to an Excel file. You can choose to export all columns, or just those in your customised view.

Customise Columns - Units in Coyote


Submit a request

The units page in this release was one of the most requested features by our community of users, so your feedback really does help to drive new features in Coyote. Please let us know if there’s something specific that you’d like to see in a future update, by sharing with your Client Services Team.

Technical support is available on +44 (0)20 3960 6470 or via

We’ve also recently launched the Help Centre for Coyote users, containing knowledge articles to help you get the most out of using Coyote.


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