What’s in store in ’24? Leading industry figures give their forecasts for the next 12 months.

Oli Farago’s comments in this article were originally posted by BE News on 10th January 2024.

BE News asked some of the biggest names from across the built environment to share their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities ahead. In the first of three instalments, 24 industry experts give their predictions for 2024:

Oli Farago

CEO and co-founder, Coyote Software

The Covid-19 pandemic has transformed and will continue to transform the CRE industry. Office occupancy levels in the UK languish at around 35% – half of where they were before 2020. Investors and asset managers must remain adaptable to navigate an unpredictable market, making data highly valuable in 2024. Commercial real estate teams and investors need access to up-to-date and accurate data on the market to swiftly identify and act on the best investment opportunities. If asset managers and investors want to be competitive, they need to deploy bespoke, fit-for-purpose technology to track and analyse data. Coyote Software provides unprecedented insights into portfolio performance and risk. Our latest update is the ‘portfolio insights dashboard’, which provides a visual overview of your assets under management, enabling fast decision-making. While data has always been vital, 2024 marks a turning point where data will be at the core of the real estate industry.

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