The No-Pub Pub-Quiz: TeamPRODA vs TeamCoyote

We’re well into week three of lockdown here in the UK, and while the team has been pretty successful at migrating to remote working, I think it’s fair to say that some of us have missed the fun of the office.

Back in pre-rona times, I used to hold an impromptu quiz in the office. It started with a page-a-day pop-quiz calendar that my mum bought me as a stocking filler one Christmas. I saved up the daily questions over a week or two, then offered up an improvised quiz for whoever fancied a break in the office.

Last Easter, we played for chocolate eggs. Whenever ODW was involved, we played for drinks. Some people played for the opportunity to lord it over Julian. Mostly though, it was just fun.

So when we shipped out of our Monument office at the start of lockdown, we knew the fun wouldn’t stop.

Queue Oli’s programming skills (not to mention a mysterious past involving national TV gameshows) and some creative input from Tsui, to devise a format that was a little different to the familiar trend of Zoom quizzes.

We reached out to a friend of the business; David Oates, Chief Revenue Officer at PRODA, to see if the team over there needed a break too. With 30-odd signups, we had our first remote quiz!

We start with a multiple-choice question and the rules are simple:

  • Vote A, B or C by holding paper up to the camera.
  • Get it right; stay in for another question.
  • Get it wrong; turn your video off.
  • More questions follow, and we lose a few more people.
  • The last few remaining people get to answer a tiebreaker for points.

Sound confusing? Not after a couple of rounds – it’s the no-pub pub-quiz:

If you’re interested in joining us, check out the upcoming quiz dates and get yourself (and your team) signed up to play.

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