Tech can combat asset uncertainty

A letter to editor in response to the recent article in Property Week, ‘Gather data before gambling’.

I sympathise with the concern expressed in your recent article ‘Asset price plummet dubbed “biggest ever”’. While large-scale economic factors such as the lingering effects of the pandemic are harming industrial and office values, the general sentiment of hesitance in the sector is further slowing the market. 

The industry can’t remain paralysed by fear forever; unlike in 2008, we have better, more sophisticated software and more comprehensive data for identifying opportunities.

While traditional market knowledge and expertise is useful, it simply isn’t good enough anymore to navigate the current unpredictable and turbulent state of the commercial real estate market in the UK on sentiment alone. Technology that facilitates instant access to data on assets under management (AUM) and the wider market is a powerful way to combat the uncertainty and anxiety that has contributed to the slowdown of the market over the past year.

The savviest management and investment teams have invested in and are now deploying tech solutions that offer a powerful insight into the market, and therefore the knowledge to make the most advantageous and informed investment strategies.

By arming themselves with the right data, asset managers and investment teams can close key deals in a timely manner, rather than sitting on their hands and simply waiting for the storm to pass, or expecting someone else to make the first move.

Software like Coyote’s gives access to live tenancy and historical transaction data. This comprehensive and accurate information enables tactical and well-informed decisions and deals to be made with confidence in a fraction of the time.

The truth is no one can predict what will happen to the commercial real estate industry in the coming months or years. What’s certain is that access to a live, comprehensive view of the market will give asset managers and investors the confidence to make the best and most timely strategic decisions.

This article was originally featured in Property Week on 4 May 2023.

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