Q&A: How can I deal with these increased reporting requirements without hiring more people?

This might be the most frequently asked question from all corners of asset, property, and investment management: “I feel like I spend my life copying and pasting between endless reports, surely there’s a quicker way?”

Reporting is a core function of daily life – whatever stage of the commercial real estate lifecycle you’re involved in. It may be weekly investment committee reports, asset management reports, tenancy schedules, your deal pipeline, arrears reports or tour packs, but the one common issue? Compiling and formatting these regular updates require many hours of often repetitive and monotonous tasks.

Preparing reports can feel like a full-time job

Reporting requires various formats of data to be compiled from multiple sources. Excel spreadsheets that don’t line up, asset brochures, photos and plans stored on email and individual computers, plus information from various sources including schedules held on multiple property management systems…

Flipping back and forth between endless sources, never mind trying to analyse the information they provide, is a long and laborious exercise.

One-click reporting with Coyote

Whether your team are using Coyote to log and track new opportunities or to manage a portfolio of owned assets, valuable reporting data is being uploaded and logged to Coyote on a daily basis.

When it is time to produce any type of report, select a group of assets, a date range, and any other reporting variables, then click the “generate report” button.

We work with every client to identify a list of the reports they create on a regular basis, where the data is stored, how it is accessed, plus how they would like their reports to look. This is how we deliver one-click reporting.

In summary

Producing an in-depth report that cites multiple sources of information can take up to a week to produce pre-Coyote. The reporting process is reduced to seconds with Coyote.

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