Proptech Espresso: Navigating Economic Uncertainty With Data

Listen to this episode of Proptech Espresso, originally aired on 25 May.

Oli Farago, Founder & CEO of Coyote Software, joins Proptech Espresso to answer these questions and discuss how a corporate acquisition resulting in a difference of opinions led to the unique opportunity to spend six months doing deep thinking on how to correctly build a new asset and fund management platform from the ground up, efficiently and to scale from day one.

Listen to the podcast to explore:

  • How has the definition and usage of the term proptech expanded as the space has matured?
  • How did effective data management allow M7 to differentiate itself for other real estate asset managers?
  • Prior to Coyote entering the market, what tools were firms using to manage real estate asset data?
  • What is the process like to take a bespoke piece of internal software, separate it from the parent organization, and turn it into a scalable platform as an independent company?
  • How was the transition from being the CTO of an established real estate firm to being the CEO of a tech startup challenging on a professional level?
  • What are the greatest technical achievements Coyote has solved during its spinout from M7?
  • How do you successfully transition from appeasing all the customer demands of early adopters to building product to support your platform and saying no to certain customer requests?

Listen to this episode of Proptech Espresso, originally aired on 25 May.

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