Product Update November 2022

This latest feature update to Coyote will change the way asset managers visualise upcoming lease breaks and expiries across their portfolios; helping teams to manage risks more proactively.

We’ve been working closely with our asset management community over the last few months, to understand new challenges in the current climate and how we can utilise technology and asset management data, to remove the unnecessary risk to income for AMs.

Taylan Tahir, Product Manager at Coyote explains what this means for Coyote clients:

This update enables asset managers to visualise lease breaks and expiries through interactive charts, helping to quickly spot risks to income and ensuring that key leasing events are never missed again.

Visualise any future period from 30 days to ten years in advance, helping to understand both short-term and long-term risks.

See where risks lie in your portfolio to help you make quicker decisions regarding the management of existing tenant relations, or help you to start searching for new tenants much earlier.

All of the visual charts and graphs are available to export to various formats, meaning you can drop them into your monthly or quarterly reporting with ease – and save hours of wrestling with Powerpoint and Excel.

This latest release is the first of several big updates for asset managers, with automated email notifications coming soon to Coyote.

If you’d like to see how asset managers use Coyote to manage their portfolios more effectively, please get in touch today.

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