Partnership Announcement – Forbury Modelling Within Coyote

We’re thrilled to announce a revolutionary partnership between Forbury and Coyote which will help to streamline the commercial real estate acquisition process.

Two years in development, this integration enables investment teams to log an introduction in Coyote and then send that potential deal to a fully populated Forbury model – ready to overlay assumptions and run risk mitigation scenarios against the opportunity. This seamless experience empowers acquisition teams to make faster and better-informed decisions about potential investments.

Oli Farago, CEO of Coyote Software and Pete Rose, CRO of Forbury explain how this partnership will dramatically speed up the deal screening process:

The integration will also allow for greater consistency and accuracy for users screening deals. “Most of the audience would have built some form of Excel model in the past, and the amount of exponential links in your typical model means that it’s error-prone.” says Pete.

He adds that “using a best-in-class Forbury model means that it’s not restricted to the author. Anybody in the team – from C-Suite all the way through to analysts, will feel comfortable using a Forbury model.”

This partnership between Coyote and Forbury will create efficiencies throughout the buying process, empowering investment teams to become more agile and make faster, better-informed decisions.

For a 20-minute tour of the deal screening process in Coyote using the new Forbury model, book your slot here.

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