Understand your EPC position with Coyote’s new dashboards

Over 72% of UK commercial properties need urgent upgrades to meet the 2030 EPC requirements – a sobering fact. Asset managers need to act now to protect their future income.

Introducing Coyote’s EPC Dashboard, an analytics dashboard to power EPC insight and management. Our product development team have been working alongside our asset management clients to create the tools to support them in preparation for the upcoming EPC legislation changes.

Hear from Laura Wellard, Coyote’s VP of Product, on why we think this new feature will be a game-changer for EPC management.

Visual graphs and charts allow asset managers to gain crucial insight into their EPC position and quickly identify risk areas. Allowing asset managers to identify the most urgent upgrades to prioritise.

The changes to EPC legislation in the UK are being brought in by the government in an effort to reach net zero targets. Commercial properties must meet the minimum requirements by these dates in order to be legal to let:

  • 2023: Grade E or above
  • 2027: Grade C or above
  • 2030: Grade B or above

Don’t panic, it’s not too late! Take control of your EPC management strategy. Book a demo here.

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