Level up your quarterly reporting game with consolidated AUM data

Asset Managers: It’s time to take control of your data and knock quarterly reporting out of the arena

The quarterly reporting process can be a challenging and time-consuming process for commercial real estate asset managers. Traditionally, industry professionals have relied on manual methods and disjointed systems, often leading to inefficient use of time and the potential for inaccuracies in their reports. 

Today, technology-driven processes, such as data consolidation, are reshaping the landscape and offering many advantages over traditional methods – putting tech-lead asset managers ahead of their competitors.

Traditional commercial real estate reporting challenges

  • Data silos. Traditional asset management processes often involve working with data spread across disparate systems, making obtaining a true view of a property’s performance difficult. This lack of integration can result in delayed decision-making and increased potential for errors.
  • Time-consuming compilation. Manually collecting and compiling data from various sources is a time-consuming task. Professionals may find themselves spending valuable hours sifting through multiple versions of Excel spreadsheets and other documents, leaving less time for strategic decision-making.
  • Limited accessibility. Accessibility to real-time data is crucial for making informed decisions. Traditional methods often restrict access to up-to-date critical information, hindering the ability to respond promptly to market changes and evolving asset performance.

The tech-driven solution

While the challenges are significant, the power of data consolidation brings many benefits that directly address these industry-wide issues.

By integrating information from diverse sources into one centralised platform, you can streamline your asset management processes, gaining a unified and comprehensive view of your portfolio’s performance but also address the long-standing challenge of data silos. 

Beyond efficiency gains, the tech-driven approach significantly increases accuracy by minimising manual data entry and reducing the risk of errors. Increased trust and reliability are crucial for making well-informed decisions that impact the overall success of asset management strategies. 

Perhaps most importantly, the real-time insights afforded by these solutions empower CRE professionals to respond promptly to market trends, tenant needs, and other factors influencing asset performance, marking a shift in the industry’s operational landscape.

Coyote Software – Your partner in CRE data consolidation

Now that we’ve discussed the advantages of data consolidation, let’s explore how Coyote Software can be your strategic partner in overcoming these challenges…

  • Seamless integration. Coyote Software integrates with various property management systems (MRI, Qube, TRAMPS and Yardi, to name a few) and many other data sources, consolidating information into a user-friendly platform, eliminating data silos and ensuring a holistic view of your portfolio for the whole team to access at any time.
  • Automated processes. Save valuable time with Coyote’s automation tools – one-click reporting, the date comparison tool and intelligent Portfolio Insights Dashboards. Reduce the need for manual data entry and compilation to accelerate reporting timelines and minimise the risk of errors.
  • Real-time analytics. Enjoy the power of real-time analytics with Coyote Software. Make data-driven decisions confidently, armed with the most current insights into your portfolio’s performance.
  • Customised reporting. Tailor your reports to meet your specific needs. Coyote Software offers customisable reporting features, allowing you to highlight the metrics that matter most to your asset management strategy.

It’s a no-brainer…

The advantages of data consolidation in quarterly reporting of commercial real estate assets are undeniable. The shift from traditional processes to tech-driven solutions represents a leap forward in efficiency, accuracy, and overall portfolio management effectiveness. 

With Coyote Software, commercial real estate professionals can easily navigate the complexities of asset management, unlocking new levels of success and growth in an ever-evolving industry.

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