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Q&A: Do I really need to be spending this much time on reporting?

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Asset management reporting

Love it or hate it, reporting is a core component of asset management, some may even go as far as to say it’s a necessary evil – but if it’s not broke, why fix it?

It’s a fair point, but have you ever totalled the number of monthly hours that you (or your team) spend creating, editing and formatting the same weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports?

Many key stakeholders often require similar information, but displayed in varying formats; starting with tour packs, through to IC papers, reports to the banks, and everything in between.


The way it’s always been done

Traditionally, tried-and-tested report templates are either held by whoever last updated them or in a maze of folders on the shared network, ready to be rolled out for the next copy and paste job.

Over time, the original template is edited so heavily with new rows, tables, pages, and new data sources, that the integrity of the original report is challenged. Eventually, these changes can cause formulas and formatting to break, putting your reports at risk of being incorrect.

Human error is always a possibility when it comes to report creation, and while most mistakes can be caught before presenting, proofing eats away at even more time.


Time is money

Collecting and recording the data is a big enough job, and repurposing that data for reporting purposes shouldn’t add to your workload. The data is there, so why not make it work for you?

This is where Coyote comes in…

Whether it’s data from any number of property management systems – including arrears and tenancy data, whether it’s asset data – including marketing photos, site plans, tenant commentary and other useful notes; it’s all stored within Coyote and ready to be included in a report when you need it.

Need to compile a tour pack? Run a search, select the assets of interest and click ‘create report’.

In less than 30 seconds, you’ve generated a ready-made tour pack with photos, addresses, site plans and commentary.

No formatting necessary.

Your reports, your way

Incredibly complex reports? We get it. When we create a new reporting template, clients are sometimes surprised that we’re able to create dynamic reports that pull from many different places and look even better than the originals.

From our experience, no one report is ever the same, but the concept always is – you input the data, we create dynamic templates that enable you to generate great-looking reports, from multiple sources, in a fraction of the time.

Solving real problems

At the very start of our journey in 2009, reducing the monotony of reporting for asset managers was one of the first challenges we tackled.

Coyote gives asset management teams their time back, to concentrate on maximising the potential of their portfolios.


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