Coyote Product Update: July 2020

Here’s what’s new in Coyote

We want our users to get the most from the new features and updates we release to Coyote, and so, we’re constantly looking for new and improved ways to let them know about these updates. 

Product Tours

Now when you log into Coyote, you’ll get the chance to take a guided walkthrough of any new features, explaining how to get the most from them. If anything has been moved or renamed, a message will pop up telling you exactly where to find your usual tools.

Transaction History Table

We’ve included an additional 14 fields to the Transaction History table, including Vendor’s Agent, Purchaser’s Agent and Rent Review Basis, so you can build up an extensive database of investment comps. For deals that involve multiple parties, it’s even easier to log those ventures more accurately in Coyote.

See the updates in action

If you already have a Coyote login, see these features in more detail in this article on the Help Center.

New to Coyote?

Get in touch and we will arrange a tailored demonstration for you and your team – book your demo here.

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