Coyote Software – product update Dec 2019

Advanced Map Assets | Market & Managed

Advanced maps in Coyote gives you the opportunity to overlay market data on top of a single asset – be that an opportunity, owned or managed asset. With this latest update, you can now toggle all of your assets on or off, and view them in one central place.

Market assets will appear as blue pins, and Managed assets will have green markers. Click on a pin and the preview window will show you key stats for that asset, and provide a quick link to take you there.

Upload documents while creating new assets | Market

Once you’ve created a new asset in Coyote, we know that uploading documents – like marketing brochures, is often next on the list. What if you didn’t have to wait for the asset to be created?

Now when you create a new asset, drag-and-drop any file during the creation process – helping you to create (and populate) assets faster than ever!

Files added during asset creation will be uploaded to the default folder – called General for most clients, but please speak to your Client Services Team if your default folder is different.

Multiple floor plans | Market & Managed

Regular Coyote users will know that a floor plan is a key feature on any asset record. Thanks to feedback from our users, you can now upload multiple floor plans to allow for buildings which have more than one plan.

You’ll find a new folder called Site/Floor Plans in the Files section. Your existing site plans have been moved here, plus any further plans you add will automatically appear here.

Image optimisation | Market & Managed

If you’ve ever uploaded a high-resolution image to an asset, you’ll know that they’re a little slower to load – especially when you’re on mobile or tablet.

This update delivers some image optimisation technology, which serves an optimised version of the image you’ve uploaded, based on your current screen size – regardless of original file size.

This will really speed up access to Coyote on the go, as well as improve the loading speed on slower connections.

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Each new release involves back-end improvements and fixes, but as always, it’s the feedback from our user community that drives a lot of new features. We love to hear your feature suggestions, so complete the form below or get in touch with your Client Services Team.

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