Coyote Product Update: April 2020

Here’s what’s new in Coyote

Need some help using Coyote? You can now ask us a question, browse help articles, or contact our support team – directly through the new live chat function. 

Live Chat in Coyote

Support is available directly through the application 24/7, this includes live chat with one of our team members during business hours, alongside round the clock access to our knowledge base of self-help articles and guides designed to help you get the most out of using Coyote.

Date Range Selector

When searching through assets in Coyote Market and Managed, you now have the option to filter by specific dates. For example, choose a “Last introduced from” and a “Last introduced to” date, to filter results based on your custom date range. This feature provides a handy tool to compare and report on assets logged over different periods of time. i.e Q1 2020 deal pipeline vs Q4 2020 deal pipeline.

Seethe updates in action

If you already have a Coyote login, see these features in more detail on the Help Center.

New to Coyote?

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