Coyote Software – product update 30

Search | Quick Jump

When you click on the search icon, you’ll now see your last ten recent items in the Quick Jump window.

If you find yourself searching for the same Fund, Asset, Person, or Country, time and time again, you’ll see the last ten results are just a click away.

Reporting | Managed

In the pursuit of reporting nirvana, we’ve unlocked some more key stats and made them available in Word & Excel reporting.

From today, your Word and Excel custom reports can include the following fields, for any period you choose to report on:

  • Acquisition date
  • Acquisition price
  • Address lines 1 and 2
  • Insurance
  • Postcode
  • Reinstatement value
  • Service charge

The option to include free text fields in Word reporting has been very popular, so we’re now rolling it out to Excel reporting.

Add free-type text fields to your custom reports in Excel – at Fund, Asset or Unit level.

Additional Fields | Managed

We’ve created a couple of extra fields in Coyote Managed, so you’ll be able to record/import:

  • Asset tenure type
  • Ground rent; as a currency value

Speak to your Client Services Team if you’d like to activate these new fields.

Maps & Advanced Maps | Market

Now when you click a pin icon on the map, you’ll see a more informative popup.

If you’re looking at a regular map in Coyote Market, you’ll see three key stats on the resulting popup: Price (PSM/PSF), Rent (PSM/PSF) and Estimated Rental Value (ERV).

Coyote Market - mapping
Advanced Map in Coyote Market - side panel

Viewing assets in the advanced map view of Coyote Market, you’ll now see a couple of additional key stats every time you click on a pin:

  • Price (PSM/PSF)
  • Rent (PSM/PSF)
  • Estimated Rental Value (ERV)
  • Void Area
  • Net Initial Yield (NIY)
  • Net Reversionary Yield (NRY)
Maps & Advanced Maps | Managed

If you’re a Coyote Managed user, you’ll see the following fields in the standard map view: Purchase Price (PSM/PSF), Valuation (PSM/PSF), Rent (PSM/PSF)

Coyote Managed - Map

If you’re in the advanced map view of Managed, you’ll see the following fields:

  • Purchase Price (PSM/PSF)
  • Valuation (PSM/PSF)
  • Rent
  • Estimated Rental Value (ERV)
  • Void Area
  • Average Weighted Lease Term (AWLT)

Submit a request

Each new release involves back-end improvements and fixes, but as always, it’s the feedback from our user community that drives a lot of new features. We love to hear your feature suggestions, so drop us a line or get in touch with your Client Services Team.

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