Coyote Software – product update 29


In a long line of partnerships, we’re delighted to announce that our latest integration with WiredScore is now live.

This integration will provide instant access to the WiredScore Certification ratings of office buildings, from within Coyote.

When using the advanced map in Coyote to view existing assets or potential acquisitions, Coyote users will now see WiredScore certifications for all accredited assets.

This provides investment managers, owners and property managers with a unique understanding of an asset’s digital infrastructure and internet connectivity, providing important transparency and a trusted benchmark for the technological capability of a building.

Key Stats Reporting | Coyote Market

We’re pleased to announce that customised key stats can now be included in reports.

If you’d like any of your reports to include customised key stats, please get in touch with your Client Services Manager today.

In addition, customised key stats can now be created as pre-defined, drop-down fields.

So for example, if you record different types of ground rent as a customised key stat, you can pre-define 5 options that other users can select from. This should reduce the number of errors that come from free-type fields and improve overall consistency.

Editing Assets | Coyote Market

If you’ve ever added an asset to Coyote, you’ll know that you can subsequently view that asset, or add another. You may be familiar with the extra couple of clicks required to edit the asset directly after creating it.

We used client feedback to inform the design process, and as a result, we’ve streamlined the interface to jump straight into the edit section for the new asset – immediately after creating it.

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