Coyote Software – product update 28

Nimbus Maps

We’re thrilled to announce our partnership with Nimbus Maps to integrate HM Land Registry data directly into the Coyote platform.

This integration means that Coyote users can view title ownership data and polygons from HM Land Registry, all from the advanced mapping overlay in Coyote.

Whether viewing existing assets or potential acquisitions, you can view title boundaries, ascertain title ownership of land, the date of the purchase, site tenure, site area and more, with links to Nimbus Maps and Companies House providing a shortcut to further information.

This partnership will give investment teams and asset managers an even sharper focus on acquisition opportunities from within Coyote, as well as providing even more granularity to existing portfolios and assets.

We’re currently offering access to Nimbus Maps free of charge to Coyote clients – just get in touch with your Client Services Manager if you’d like to activate this feature on your account.

We pay a royalty fee to Ordnance Survey for the Land Registry polygons, so we’re going to monitor the cost for a few months during this initial rollout, and we may introduce a usage cap after review.

Tenancy Schedules | Coyote Managed

Giving you access to live tenancy data has always been a fundamental feature of Coyote Managed – and now it’s even better. In addition to viewing tenancy schedules for individual assets, you can now view combined tenancy schedules for multiple assets, at the same time.

From today, tenancy schedules are being included on all grouping pages – this includes the standard grouping pages, like funds, countries, or contact groupings, and also the appraisal grouping page.

So, you can now see a combined tenancy schedule for any group of assets you need.

This provides granular detail on all tenancy schedule fields at a much higher level and enables you to customise which columns you see. As with all other tables in Coyote, you can export straight to Excel.

Google Street View | Advanced Mapping

This release sees another addition to advanced mapping in Coyote – in the form of Google Street View.

When viewing an acquisition opportunity or an owned asset in the map view, you now have the option to browse the map at street view level. With functionality provided directly from Google Maps, the interface is familiar and easy to use.

No longer will you have to rely exclusively on questionable images provided with a tour pack – with this update to advanced maps, you can now explore the asset from your desktop, your tablet or your phone.

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