Coyote Software – product update 25

New fields in asset listing tables | Coyote Managed

You requested more fields, so we delivered them. More fields are now displayed in the Asset Listing table, within grouping pages.
Take a look at some of the new fields you can expect to see:

Area statistics
  • Area
  • Void Area
  • Void Area %
Financial information
  • Avg. Contracted Rent
  • Avg. ERV
  • Avg. Passing Rent
  • Purchase Price (Inc. Costs)
  • Valuation
  • Void ERV
Geographical data
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Postcode
Property details
  • AWLT (to expiry)
  • Coyote Asset Ref.
  • Fund
  • Leases
  • Source Asset Ref.
  • Tenants (number of tenants)
  • Units (number of units)
Excel reporting | Coyote Market

We love Excel as much as the next property professional, which is why we’ve made Excel an option for reporting in Coyote Market.

If you’re an experienced user, you may be familiar with exporting table data from Coyote to Excel at the click of a button. With this release, we can now create customised Excel reports for you.

Please speak to your Client Services Manager to discuss the creation of customised reports.

Tenancy Schedule Notes | Coyote Managed

The most recent internal note logged against each asset will now be displayed within the Tenancy Schedule, and in Tenancy Schedule reporting – assuming you have the correct permission.

Users without the correct permission will continue to see the most recent public note.

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As we do with every Coyote update, we’ve fixed more bugs and made improvements behind the scenes.

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