Coyote Software – product update 17

Good things come in small packages

This latest update to Coyote featured many back-end updates, essential maintenance and security upgrades.

Some of the additional features we squeezed into this update include:

The addition of more fields to tenancy schedules in Managed Assets, giving you more choice over the way you view your tenancy schedule.

More data points are now being stored for rent reviews, which means you can identify rent review upcoming rent review dates quicker than before.

A small but popular request was the ability to customise the types of free-text fields in Coyote Market.

We’ve continued to make more enhancements to the reporting engine, which will pave the way for some exciting future releases.

Keep an eye out for the next release of Coyote in June, as it’s going to feature some exciting new updates on arrears.

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As well as the cool new features in this release, we’ve made tweaks to the back-end and fixed several bugs. Please get in touch with the Client Services team if there’s a specific feature request that you’d like to see in the next version of Coyote.

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