Coyote Software – product update 15

Columns are now customisable in tables

You can toggle columns on and off in the tenancy schedule – giving you the option to turn off the columns which aren’t relevant to you, and keep the columns which matter most to you.

When you customise the columns in the tenancy schedule, the custom view is saved to your account – meaning that wherever you log in from or whichever device you’re using, you’ll always see the same customised view.

If you’d like to see additional columns in the tenancy schedule or if you’re missing columns, get in touch with your client services manager now.

We’ve made this feature available for tenancy schedules in Coyote Managed right now, and we’re rolling it out to all other tables in both Coyote Managed and Coyote Market very soon. Keep an eye out for more details in sprint 16.

What else is new in release 15?

Tab titles in your browser will now display your location for that page. So if you’re like us and can’t survive on a single tab, this new feature will show exactly where you are on each tab at a glance.

We’ve completed an important upgrade to the geo-location mapping engine, in preparation for new mapping features planned in the next release.

No longer will you clash with a colleague over editing the same record at the same time. Whenever someone edits a record, other users are unable to make any changes until that record has been saved.

We’ve introduced a time-out feature to prevent users from locking a record. Now if you’re editing an asset for an extended period without activity, you’ll get a notification that’ll ask if you’d like to continue editing.

We’ve created the ability to customise the date range in a series of tables – including upcoming breaks, lease expiries, and rent review tables. Now you can edit the date range on a timescale which suits you – anything from 3 months up to 10 years.

The first image you upload to a new asset is now automatically as the primary picture, and the next image you upload is automatically set as…you guessed it, the secondary image.

We’ve amended the tenancy schedule to give you better clarity on when leases are rolling, or holding over.

We’ve also upgraded Coyote’s Microsoft Excel reporting engine, which will deliver incremental improvements in reporting over the next few updates.

Submit a request

There are many more technical fixes we’ve squeezed into this release, which we don’t have the space to write about. If there’s something you’d like to see in a future release, your Client Services Manager would love to hear from you.

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