Coyote Software launches data logging service

Proptech firm Coyote Software has launched a managed data logging service for commercial real estate teams.

UK-based Coyote Software is a cloud-based CRM system for buying and managing commercial real estate assets. Its new product, Coyote PLUS, is a subscription service that gives acquisition and asset management teams the ability to send asset and deal information to a Coyote data management team to input on their behalf.

The aim of the service, Coyote said, is to free up time and resources for commercial property companies.

The firm employs a team of data management specialists who log all investment opportunities, carrying out a quality check before uploading the data to the client’s platform.

Oli Farago, co-founder and chief executive of Coyote Software, said: “On average, investment teams transact on less than 5% of the introductions they receive, meaning that valuable data is lost on more than 95% of introductions that aren’t fully logged. There’s a wealth of information that is often deleted or ignored, and subsequently not factored into current and future deals. So, we’ve kept it as simple as possible for our clients – they send us the information, and we upload it. Meaning they can make faster investment and asset management decisions, with greater confidence.”

This article originally appeared on Property Week on Wed 15th September

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