Coyote secures three new clients

Real estate software company Coyote Software has secured three new clients – UK REIT Picton Property Income Limited, Kames Capital and Tandem Property Asset Management – who will employ the Coyote software platform to manage their extensive multi-class portfolios.

Coyote is a cloud-based platform developed and used by M7 Real Estate and its clients for over eight years, before it was launched commercially to the market in September 2017.

Since its inception, Coyote has grown to become one of the industry’s prop tech success stories, building a stable of over 30 clients.  In parallel to meet growing demand, the company has expanded its own core team from a start-up of six, to now 34 full time people providing an unparalleled blend of real estate and technology experience and expertise.

Coyote has become synonymous with its collaborative approach and commitment to forging strategic partnerships with complementary platforms such as Realla, Infabode, WiredScore and Nimbus Maps, while integrating leading property management systems such as Yardi, MRI and Tramps.

Coyote is continually evolving, with the application being updated regularly to enable users to benefit from access to new features and improvements. This continuous progression enhances user experience and provides Coyote users with a critical competitive advantage.

Oli Farago, Co-Founder, CEO and Chief Technology Officer at Coyote, says: “Two years since we launched to the market, we now have a proven product and a demonstrable track record of transforming the way our customers run their business.  Coyote provides time saving solutions and is revolutionising the way acquisition and asset management teams work, helping them work smarter, and their data work harder.”

Tim Hamlin, Senior Asset Manager, Picton Property Income Limited, says: “Coyote has saved us a huge amount of time reconciling multiple data sources. We now have one central source for all our data which we can access on the move. Coyote emerged from a real estate company, which is evident in their whole approach. They understand the market and the platform has been built by property people for property people.”

This article originally appeared on PropertyFundsWorld, on Monday 28th October 2019.

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