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Coyote Product Update – Aug 2020

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Here’s a roundup of the features and updates that we’ve published to Coyote throughout August…

Transactions History | Market

We’ve added personalisation options to the re-named Transactions History table, so you can choose which columns to show or hide and customise your preferred order.


Investment Comps | Market

You can now search and filter all of the transaction history data entered at asset level, via the new Investment Comps page.

This update provides one central location to view Transactions History records across each asset.

Narrow your results further to see all deals done within a certain time-frame or for a specific tenant. Go one step further to find out which of those deals was for a property located in the West Midlands, and see which agents were involved on both sides.


Lease Comps | Market

The new Lease Comps page is a top-down view of all information held within your Tenancy Schedules for Market assets.

Save lease data from every brochure and marketing email to start building your own comparables database.

Maybe you’ve got a tenant in a unit that you own or manage and they’re due to vacate in the next two months. Using the new Lease Comps page, you can search for other industrial assets, with leases expiring in Oct 2020, sized between 3 – 3,500 sqm, located in Manchester. This search will show you potential tenants – within seconds.

As an asset manager, you need to review leases completed since lockdown — What rent was achieved? What was the lease-term? Ultimately, what can you expect to get for your vacant unit right now?


Editable Tenancy Schedules | Market

Introducing a completely new way to interact with tenancy data – editable tenancy schedules.

Add or edit fields in a Tenancy Schedule, at asset level, to build your own searchable resource of unit-level market data.

This update allows you to add tenancy data without having to wait for a model to upload.

Columns are customisable, giving you the ability to tailor the schedule to suit your exact needs.


Find out more

If you’d like to learn more about these or any of our other recent updates, please drop us a line.

Direct feedback from our clients helps drive our product roadmap, so if there’s something specific you’d like to see in a future update, let us know by sharing with your Client Services Team.

The easiest way to get technical support is through the live chat directly within Coyote but remember, we also have the Help Centre  containing lots of useful tips and articles – alternatively you can send an email to


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