Coyote Product Update: August 2020

Here’s what’s new in Coyote

We’ve added a number of new data points for logging comparables within Coyote Market and increased flexibility in how you do so; empowering investment teams to be the masters of their own data.  


Giving you a searchable database of all of your investment comps data and in one central view. From here, you can narrow your results down to see deals done within a certain time-frame or for a specific tenant. Go one step further to find out which of those deals was for a property located in the West Midlands, and see which agents were involved on both sides.


Giving you a top-down view of all the information you hold relating to historical leasing deals completed, empowering you to answer client questions in an instant. Save lease data from every brochure and marketing email to start building your own comparables database.


Introducing a completely new way to interact with your tenancy data – editable tenancy schedules. Add or edit fields in a Tenancy Schedule, at asset level, to build your own searchable resource of unit-level market data. This update allows you to add tenancy data without having to upload a model.  

See the updates in action

If you already have a Coyote login, see these features in more detail in this article on the Help Center.  

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