Coyote picking up pace in the US market as demand for reliable asset data access explodes

Our CEO, Oli Farago, recently spoke to the US-based industry news publisher, Real Estate Fund Investment, about the rush of demand for Coyote’s services as fund managers look for ways to gain a more up-to-date and comprehensive overview of their property portfolio.

This rush is now being intensified by, as Oli puts it, ‘the severe economic volatility stemming from the global coronavirus pandemic’. Many fund managers are understandably concerned about the ways in which enforced remote working might negatively impact their business, making it impossible to execute daily tasks in their usual manner.

In an attempt to ensure that their remote working strategies are adequately up-to-date, these managers have been seeking out and exploring Coyote’s services, along with those from many other great online service and product providers of all kinds.

More than anything, they want to be able to access their portfolio data at any time, from anywhere.

Oli went on to tell REFI, “We’re also seeing a small number of clients who are in the middle of a sales process and are trying to figure out what’s going on in the world. Historically, these investors were happy to rely on bi-annual or quarterly reporting. But, now, investors are asking more questions and are expecting to get answers quickly.”

This shift in expectations was happening before the recent impact of COVID-19, largely due to institutional and individual investors realising how important it is for them to have constant, reliable access to their portfolio data. Needless to say, this importance is more profound today than ever before.

Oli was speaking to REFI soon after the REFI US Institutional Investor Summit 2020, an event which we were delighted to sponsor having recently opened the first US-based Coyote office, in New York City.

The potential of the US market is incredible, and the speed of innovation is very impressive. We’re really excited to be a part of it and looking forward to the challenge of translating Coyote’s success in the UK over to the American market.

Part of this translation has required us to tailor our systems and services to suit the unique requirements of the US market. This is proving to be a fascinating learning process and, with every new client we engage with, we’re learning more and more every day.

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