Coyote partners with Nimbus Maps and WiredScore

The companies are paving the way to what some predict to be the future of proptech, a conglomeration of tech with the same goal of innovating the property industry.

Nimbus Maps and WiredScore can now be accessed directly from the Coyote platform, which tracks and manages assets through the commercial property lifecycle, to further provide clients with market insight and intelligence on owned assets and investment opportunities.

Speaking to PlaceTech last year Chris Stephenson from specialist proptech fund, Concrete VC, said: “I think we could see the potential for consolidation of disparate companies that are specialising where they’re coming together into either combined offerings, partnerships, or mergers that become larger and do more for the client so they’re not just single purpose. I expect when that happens there will be great investment into those.”

The integration with Nimbus Maps, the site search and property intelligence website, means that Coyote users can view HM Land Registry Title data. Users can view title boundaries, ascertain title ownership of land, the date of the purchase, site tenure, site area and more, for existing assets or potential acquisitions.

The integration with WiredScore, the global rating scheme for digital connectivity, will provide Coyote’s clients with instant access to the WiredScore Certification ratings of office buildings at the touch of a button.

WiredScore First Street


The First Street development in Manchester, UK has a Gold WiredScore Certification

Oli Farago, CEO and chief technology officer at Coyote, said the partnerships “represent one of the biggest steps forward in terms of product development”, and Coyote’s ethos has always been “there must be a better way” and the integration with the two companies “encapsulates the Coyote way”.

William Newton, president & EMEA managing director of WiredScore, said that the integration will provide “another layer of valuable insight to investment managers, owners and managing agents”.

Simon Davis, CEO of Nimbus added that the partnership will “allow a wide community to access the latest technologies and data to make a significant positive impact on the economy.”

Coyote also brings data in from property management systems such as Yardi, MRI and Tramps to give users live data on the assets and portfolios they own or manage.

This article originally appeared on PlaceTech, on Wednesday 6th March 2019.

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