Coyote fundraising for LandAid

Reflecting on a busy couple of months for fundraising here at Coyote, we are pleased to say that we have helped to raise over £3k for the property industry’s favourite charity, LandAid.

Kicking things off was Steptober – a month long competition that took place in October, with over 500 people forming 122 teams, from more than 50 property companies around the UK. All competing to see who can achieve the highest step count in one month. With every step counted, the combined total across all teams was a staggering 166,691 897. That’s enough to walk to the moon and back, or if space isn’t your thing, around the world three times.

We are thrilled, and maybe a little smug, to announce that Coyote finished 14th out of the 122 teams taking part, and raised £1,310.

LandAid is the amazing organisation working to eliminate homelessness among young people throughout the UK – it’s a charity very close to our hearts, so we knew we had to push ourselves hard, giving an effort worthy of the cause, throughout Steptober. Needless to say, we were taking it pretty seriously!

The first thing we did was appoint Amy Clark, our fabulous Personal Assistant here at Coyote, to lead the team’s efforts. We thought that her recent qualification as a personal trainer would give us some much needed discipline and direction. It is entirely Amy’s fault that half of the Coyote team now have to have their lunches delivered to their desks, such is the pain emanating from their hamstrings.

Amy wasn’t our only task master, however, because we also had Andy Dyer, a.k.a Lycra Man, pushing for greatness, and Paige Butler who is a genuinely certified athlete, currently ranked the 6th best badminton player in England.

With pedigree like this on the team, you would think we would have emerged winners. We’re not saying that the thirteen teams above us cheated, but we are waiting for the results from the drugs testing to come back.

On a more serious note, the money raised by everyone involved will go directly to life-changing projects helping vulnerable young people. One such project is Methodist Action in Blackburn, which will now be able to refurbish five empty houses to provide a total of 12 en-suite bedrooms in shared houses for young people.

The Monumental Quiz

At the end of Steptober, on Thursday 31st October, was LandAid Day when, every year, we celebrate all of the great work that the charity and its partners have done to eliminate youth homelessness. Coyote’s contribution to LandAid Day 2018 was to co-host The Monumental Quiz with M7 Real Estate.

The Monumental Quiz is exactly what is sounds like – a huge, challenging pub quiz designed to identify the greatest keeper of useless general knowledge in PropTech. The winners this year were ____. All in all, the quiz raised a further £_____ for LandAid.

The next LandAid event will be the series of SleepOuts taking place across the UK. It really is a wonderful organisation and they are always looking for more people to get involved with their life-saving work. If you or your company would like to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact LandAid at

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