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Coyote and MAPP create fully integrated online Property Management platform

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This article originally appeared on Property Funds World on 3rd November

MAPP, a commercial and mixed-use property management business, has expanded its relationship with Coyote Software, the cloud-based CRM system for buying and managing commercial real estate (CRE) assets.

Following collaboration with Coyote to develop its online Property Management platform, and a trial run with two of its key clients, MAPP has signed a new Enterprise package, giving access to the bespoke platform to its wider team and customers.

MAPP manages over GBP13 billion of commercial property across the UK, looking after over 8,000 occupiers on behalf of clients including funds, REITS, family offices, investment managers and overseas investors. As an early tech adopter, MAPP initially partnered with Coyote in 2018. Since then, the client-facing teams at MAPP have been working closely with Coyote’s product development team to develop the functionality to serve property managers in their everyday management of portfolios large or small.

With Coyote Software, property managers have access to all property and tenant data in one single integrated online platform. With real time updates, users can access up-to-date property and tenancy information all in one place, providing clearer visibility on information such as payment arrears and lease breaks. In addition, property managers can produce cleaner cut reports in a fraction of the time, access company branded reports and download up-to-date versions at the click of a button.

Robert Stark, Senior Executive Director, comments: “We strive to be at the leading edge of innovation, integration and service delivery, constantly delivering new ideas and ways of working. Our partnership with Coyote has enabled us to do just that, creating an integrated platform that incorporates all our data, giving clear visibility of all our portfolios under management, saving time and resources for our team to focus more time on customer facing activities.

“Following the onboarding and development stage with a focused team, all our property managers, as well as our clients, will now have access to our bespoke Coyote platform to further streamline our management activities.”

Oli Farago, Co-Founder and CEO of Coyote Software, comments: “As an early adopter of Coyote Software, MAPP has played an integral role in developing the property management side of the platform. Property managers are often working with a huge amount of data held in m any places which can lead to inaccuracies and duplications. By integrating existing PM software, every bit of real-time, up-to-date information is accessible in one place, which is hugely valuable.”

AEW, one of MAPP’s key clients trialling Coyote Software has now onboarded the Coyote platform, using the software across its wider portfolio.

“MAPP’s collaboration with our team has enabled us to, together, develop a streamlined CRM system to suit their Property Management business and we continue to work in partnership to create additional value for our clients,” says Oli Farago.

This article originally appeared on Property Funds World on 3rd November


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