Effortlessly log 
all opportunities 
to the cloud

Start building your database of investment comparables

Track the market with precision

Missed out on another deal?

Empower your team to start logging every single on-market and off-market opportunity to a cloud-based platform – track the real estate market with ultimate precision to find and focus on the most valuable deals.

Centralise your introductions

Takes too long to get to bid stage?

Centralise your introductions to give you an instant snapshot of the market using investment comparables – underwrite assumptions quicker than your competition and get to bid stage quicker.


Increase your capacity to review more deals

Build a unique database of investment comparables and create your single source of truth)

Make data driven decisions

Place the best priced bids

If you’re not logging all of your introductions, you’re throwing away valuable investment data that better inform your future bids – use technology to make data-driven decisions.

USe accurate data

Stop paying for data you already own

You’re receiving introductions, but are you making the most of your own data? Coyote will help your to reduce your reliance on expensive and inaccurate third-party data.

Ready to see how coyote 
can help overcome your business challenges?

Case Study

“Coyote has helped us increase the amount of deals our team can run at without increasing the team.”

Rory Fineran

Asset Manager