EG Radius integration

EG Radius provides a complete, real-time view of the UK real estate market. It is a data-sharing platform where many of the UK’s largest commercial agents share information on investment sales, lettings deals and occupational sales, directly to the EG Radius platform – to create the most accurate and comprehensive picture of the commercial property market.

How does it work?

We’ve developed an API-based interface that enables us to display up-to-date investment comparables from EG Radius – directly within Coyote.

Market data from EG Radius is presented in the advanced map view of Coyote, meaning that you can toggle Investment Sales, Occupational Sales or Lettings Deals for any location you search, and the results returned are contextually relevant to the asset class of the record you’re currently viewing.

You’ll see interactive map pins for every EG Radius entry and clicking on a pin will provide you with a sidebar of information related to that asset, including stats like Deal Date, Tenant, Lease Type, Achieved Rent, and Source of the data.

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