Data enrichment

Strengthen your bids with market intelligence

Enrich your existing transactional history with third-party market intelligence to produce more winning bids and increase revenues.

Looking for new opps?

Operate in growth areas

Using research and reports from Infabode and investment and leasing comparables from Radius Data, you can review opportunities outside of your operating area with confidence.

Missing key info?

Create stronger assumptions

When underwriting a potential opportunity, Coyote serves you contextually relevant market intelligence – helping you to create stronger assumptions and then reject or proceed quicker.

Uncertain about a new deal?

Instant intel helps you act fast

It takes time to compile the relevant research and reports to help you understand if a new introduction is worth pursuing – Coyote provides contextual intel related to the asset you’re viewing.

Lack of transactional data?

Use comparables to make fast decisions

Lacking investment comparables to weigh up a potential opportunity? Coyote gives you transactional data from Radius Data to make decisions quicker than your competitors.

Wasting time on bad deals?

Reject deals faster, progress the best ones

Market insight in Coyote helps you quickly decide which deals are worth pursuing, so you’re not wasting time exploring intros which don’t align with your investment strategy.

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Case Study

“Our team can now focus more on research and analysis with the relevant transactional data now readily at hand.”

Mark Kelly Argo Real Estate

Mark Kelly

Head of Asset Management @ Argo Real Estate

Investment teams
use Coyote to place the best-priced bids

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Investment Teams

How to focus on the best deals using market data

Join our upcoming webinar to see how investment teams are using Radius Data Exchange, Infabode and Land Registry data to strengthen their assumptions.

Natalie Bond
Sales Development Executive