Deal Screening

Coyote is your CRM for investment opportunities

Effortlessly log all deals to the cloud to harness the power of your existing data, and grow your invaluable source of investment comparables.

Missing out on deals?

Track the market with precision

Empower your team to start logging every single on-market and off-market opportunity to a cloud-based platform – track the real estate market with ultimate precision to find and focus on the most valuable deals.

Inaction stalling deals?

Collaboration speeds up investment decisions

Centralise your deals and collaborate effortlessly with key stakeholders to keep your deals moving at pace. Coyote takes the pain out of remote collaboration, so you can communicate and share critical deal information whatever location or timezone your team are in.

Investment team stretched?

Increase your capacity to review more deals

When you’re focussed on the very the best deals, you’re not wasting time exploring introductions that aren’t a good fit – and that’s extra time your team can use to review more deals, without increasing your head count.

Make data driven decisions

Place the best priced bids

If you’re not logging all of your introductions, you’re throwing away valuable investment data that could better inform your future bids – use technology to make data-driven decisions.

Subscribed to data services?

Don’t pay for data you own

Are you capitalising on the transaction insights you receive daily? Log your deal intros as investment comps in Coyote to reduce your reliance on expensive (and sometimes inaccurate) third-party data services.

Ready to see how Coyote can work for your investment team?

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Quickly accept or reject the intros in your deal inbox to focus on the most valuable opportunities

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Investment teams
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