Why should you consolidate your real estate data?

Download this guide to learn how consolidating your real estate data gives you actionable insight across your entire portfolio and improve fund performance. 

Improve fund performance with real-time reporting

Consolidate tenancy data from multiple sources to give you transparency on all of your AUM - available to view on any device, at any time. 

Access to live tenancy arrears gives you immediate visibility on tenant debtor risk across your AUM, helping you to make strategic decisions based on data. 

Live tenancy info across your entire AUM ensures key leasing events get actioned pro-actively, improving your asset management performance.

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"We use the Coyote dashboard for our weekly asset management meeting and any of the stats can be pushed to a report in seconds"

Rory Finnan


Drive better returns through intelligence

A complete picture of your AUM

Manage risks to income 

Maximise portfolio performance 


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