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Coyote Software – product update May 2020 – updated

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Upgraded Units Page | Managed

Following last week’s product release we have upgraded the ‘Units’ page view in Coyote Managed with some additional functionality.

A map has been added, giving users a great visual of their units. Through this, filters can be applied and you will be able to see exactly where certain units are located.

There is also the ability to save your searches, so that they are still there ready for you to use the next time you come to that page. Once you have applied your search filters, you can save as many different searches as you like – these will then be there in your ‘Saved Results’, ready to be switched between as often as you need to.

Save search functionality - Coyote Software



Key Stats per Sector | Market 

Currently, all of your customised key stats are visible for every asset regardless of its’ sector, however, with the latest release each sector can have its own bespoke grouping of key stats. This is great for users who invest in assets across multiple different sectors.

For example, different key stat figures are needed when looking at an office building compared to development land, or when looking at an industrial unit compared to a hotel.

If this sounds like something that you need for your instance of Coyote, please get in touch with your Client Services Team.



Submit a request

The units page in this release was one of the most requested features by our community of users, so your feedback really does help to drive new features in Coyote. Please let us know if there’s something specific that you’d like to see in a future update, by sharing with your Client Services Team.

Technical support is available on +44 (0)20 3960 6470 or via

We’ve also recently launched the Help Centre for Coyote users, containing knowledge articles to help you get the most out of using Coyote.


Coyote Stories: Amy Clark

In the first of our new series of blog posts, Amy Clark talks about the ups and downs that she has faced ensuring our fully remote team feels connected, supported, happy and healthy at work. Read more:

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