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Significant growth in the North East real estate market

Looking at data from across 109 assets and 1,200 leases from Darlington to Berwick-upon-Tweed, our latest data report shows how the North East property market has changed over the past five years following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

5 ways to make the most of your data

Most companies collect data, but do they make effective use of it? Five experts in real estate data and analytics, including Coyote's Millie Lewis, share their tips for giving meaning to the numbers.

Tech to save time – time for what?

Many of us are marketing the digitisation of data as a time-saving phenomenon, but why is saving time actually useful? Will automation steal our jobs? Should we be worried or excited?

Rents & Rugby: who’s leading the pack and who’s out of form?

With excitement building ahead of the Six Nations kicking off this weekend, we look off the pitch instead. Collating data from 19,663 leases across the office, retail and industrial sectors, we review the recent form of England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland in the commercial rental market for Property Week.

Coyote Software launches data logging service

Coyote Software has launched a managed data logging service for commercial real estate teams, freeing up time and resources for CRE companies whilst actively building their own proprietary database of comparables.

How to break into CRE technology
as a career

Coyote Software CEO, Oli Farago, shares his insights on the foundations that will ensure success when approaching a career in CRE technology for this piece written by Kelsi Maree Borland.

The Future of Real Estate:
The next leaders

Oli Farago features in this Q&A for EG, taking a look at the future of the real estate industry. Following a year like never before, these answers provide a unique perspective on how to future-proof your business. Read more...

Drooms partners with Coyote

We've formalised a partnership with Drooms – with a view to developing a joint-proposition for the commercial real estate industry.

Coyote to open New York office

Coyote set to launch in the US as chief executive Oli Farago reveals the opening of a New York office early in 2020.

Coyote enters German market

Coyote has signed up HIH Real Estate GmbH, one of Germany’s biggest investment managers and entered a partnership with Easol GmbH; a joint venture between control.IT and IntReal.

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