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For Investment Managers
Investment Managers and Fund Managers love Coyote because it lets you analyse investment opportunities quicker and get a real-time view of your acquisition pipeline.
For Asset Managers
Asset Managers love Coyote because it displays all of your property data in a way that makes it easy to manage portfolios and assets.
For Property Managers
Property Managers love Coyote because it combines your in-house property management data with information stored in clients’ systems, allowing consistent reporting and real-time client access.

Coyote transforms the way investment managers buy assets

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It takes too long to produce a well-informed bid and we don’t have the capacity to bid on all good opportunities.

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Excel is the default, but it has its limitations when tracking assets and deals.

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We need a central repository for everything related to to the deal - Excel underwrites, asset photos, reports, etc.

Coyote has been built to solve the challenges of investment managers

How does Coyote solve these challenges?

Coyote brings together all the deal data you need – reports, workflows, notes, site plans, maps and more. A centralised platform from which you can communicate and share documents with all the parties involved in the deal.

Coyote allows you to overlay third-party data – whether that’s WiredScore certifications, Infabode research, or market availability from Realla – onto your own data, to create amalgamated, contextually relevant search results and reports.

All of this saves masses of time and energy. With Coyote the time it takes to transact is cut by 39%, freeing up your acquisition team to go after more opportunities. A two-page tour pack might take you two hours per asset at the moment. Multiply that by 10 assets, and that’s 20 hours of work. With Coyote it would take 20 seconds.

Coyote cuts the time taken to transact by 39%

Investment managers who use coyote include

What Stenprop think about Coyote

“We’ve been working with Coyote for around six months now and things are really starting to click. The ability for all of the team to access and collaborate on deal flow is a big step forward, as is the ability to cut and dice our data.”

Julian Carey, Executive Property Director at Stenprop uses Coyote Software

Julian Carey

Executive Director, Stenprop

Commercial property software designed for investment managers and fund managers

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Custom reporting

The most powerful reporting engine on the market. Of course we’d say that, but it’s true.

All parties access

Secure access for all parties involved in a deal.

Track deal flow

Better than Excel for tracking your pipeline? We like to think so, and so do our clients.

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Intuitive user interface

Beautiful design and easy-to-use interface helps with marketing and fundraising.

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Software for asset managers

Coyote helps asset managers enhance the value of the assets and portfolios they own or manage.

Asset Management Software

Software for property managers

Coyote helps property managers to consolidate multiple property management systems into one dashboard.

Property Management Software

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