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Vasile Cojusco

UI Developer

Vasile joins the Coyote product team as a UI Developer, although it was actually politics where his career started – after studying law at university.

Vasile developed (coding pun intended) an interest in user experience and user interface and it didn’t take long for him to make the decision to pursue a full-time career in software engineering.

During his journey, Vasile has created a community for new developers to learn and share knowledge; giving up much of his personal time as a software engineering coach for the free courses he runs through Coders in Hoods.

Favourite film?

Interstellar (2014)

Favourite word?


What sound do you love?


Alternative career?


Last book read?

The Year Without Pants by Scott Berkun

Favourite breakfast spot?

The seaside

Favourite drink?

Orange juice

Mastermind subject?


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