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Tsui-Yee​ Lau

Graphic Designer

Tsui is a member of the design team here at Coyote, working on the product and the marketing.

Starting her career at M7 Real Estate, Tsui came from a technical support role where she pursued her passion for design; taking on side projects like hand-illustrated cards and most recently, designing the 2018 M7 Christmas card. This appetite for creativity helped to pave the way to her role as a designer here at Coyote.

Tsui used to be pretty handy with a badminton racquet – ranking in the UK top 5 at one time. After hanging up her “boots”, she went into coaching – helping younger players to develop their skills and discipline.

Favourite film?

Ratatouille (2007)

Favourite word?


What sound do you love?


Alternative career?

Anything to do with dogs

Last book read?

This is going to hurt by Adam Kay

Favourite breakfast spot?

Flour to the People

Favourite drink?

Pink gin and lemonade

Mastermind subject?

Movie quotes

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