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Jack Taylor

Lead UI Developer

Jack has worked for several companies in various sectors, joining Coyote with a considerable amount of UI experience.

He started his career in the insurance industry, working on a large development project for Saga. A subsequent role required him to sign the official secrets act, which we will, of course, leave at that…

Prior to coding, Jack’s career path was as a session musician and still plays in his spare time, that is, when he’s not sailing the East Coast of England.

Favourite film?

Roma (2018)

Favourite word?


What sound do you love?

The cork coming out of a bottle of wine

Alternative career?


Last book read?

A Small Town in Germany by John Le Carré

Favourite breakfast spot?


Favourite drink?

Red wine (...after the sound of opening the bottle has been enjoyed)

Mastermind subject?

The complete works of Patrick O'Brian

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