Gary Pendlebury

.NET Developer

Gary joins the Coyote product team as .NET Developer – bringing with him a wealth of commercial dev experience from well-known brands like TfL and Tesco.

As well as contracting on some pretty sizeable projects, Gary squeezed in the time to code and sell his own DevOps applications.

Away from hardcore scripting, you’ll find Gary rocking the piano. He’s played for 25 years, so he’s a man in demand at any party with a piano. Just don’t request anything by Chas & Dave.

Favourite film?

Brief Encounter (1945)

Favourite word?


What sound do you love?

A steam engine slowly leaving a station

Alternative career?

Politician or Pianist

Last book?

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Favourite breakfast spot?

Ole & Steen at Canary Wharf is pretty nice

Favourite drink?

Dry Gin Martini, with a twist

Mastermind subject?

Star Trek: The Next Generation (don’t judge me!)

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