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Caspar Macqueen

Business Development

Caspar works with the global sales team to provide business development and uncover new opportunities.

Similar to many of our commercial team, Caspar arrives with experience of both real estate and technology. Holding research analyst roles at Unissu, the UK PropTech Association, and most recently, CoStar, has helped Caspar to carve out a defined career in business development.

Outside of the office, Caspar prides himself on his handiness in the kitchen, with tapas being his speciality. You might also spot him at PropSki, PropRugby or PropSurf.

Favourite film?

Notting Hill (1999)

Favourite word?


What sound do you love?

Waves approaching the shore

Alternative career?

Seafood chef

Last book you read?

The Story of Art, E. H. Grombrich

Favourite breakfast spot?

Hotel Aigua Blava

Favourite drink?

Gin and Tonic

Mastermind subject?

1960s Pop Art Movement

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