HM Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and Companies House data in Coyote

Nimbus Maps combines data from the HM Land Registry, Ordnance Survey and Companies House into one searchable resource.

Nimbus Maps provides property data on title boundaries, land title ownership, purchase dates and site tenure.

This data is invaluable to many property professionals – in terms of managing existing assets and researching potential acquisitions.

That’s why we made it available in Coyote.

What's the benefit of viewing Land Registry data in Coyote?

Save hours gathering information

No need to leave Coyote to view HM Land Registry title data and polygons and ownership data from Companies House.

Spot issues quickly

Identify potential title or boundary issues with a quick search in Coyote before committing to time-consuming due diligence.

Faster transactions

We make it easy to buy Land Registry title documents and leases.

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How does the Nimbus Maps integration work?

We’ve created an API-based interface between Coyote and Nimbus Maps, to facilitate the seamless exchange of information and content.

Data from Nimbus Maps – including title boundaries, the date of purchase, site tenure, site area and Companies House data – is displayed in Coyote according to the user’s preferences and context-specific requirements.

View Land Registry data in Coyote with the Nimbus Maps integration

More integrations

Partnerships are the foundation of the Coyote ecosystem.

We integrate with many other specialist data providers:

See the value of Land Registry data directly in Coyote

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