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Track your acquisitions and assets under management in one place

There are plenty of proptech solutions on the market today, although many of them solve very specific challenges. These platforms address individual problems, without looking at the bigger picture.

Coyote was developed with the bigger picture in mind – by a team of European Fund and Asset Managers to track assets through the commercial property lifecycle; from introduction through to acquisition, management and ultimately, disposal.

We created a better way. That way is Coyote.

The benefits of tracking your assets

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Enhanced business intelligence

View and track assets throughout the lifecycle – get the complete picture and the granular detail in one place.

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More value from your data

Get more value and insight from your existing data – like using live data from your assets under management to underwrite new deals.

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Reduce your reliance on error-prone spreadsheets and work from a single source of truth.

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More effective acquisition management for Palmer Capital, since using Coyote

“Coyote provides us with the foundations required to support a more structured approach to managing acquisitions and will be the jumping off point for better asset management.”

Darryll Colthrust, Director of Innovation at Palmer Capital

Darryll Colthrust

Director of Innovation at Palmer Capital

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More features our clients love

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Access anytime

Access your property data at any time, from anywhere, and from any device with Coyote.

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Consolidated tenancy data

Aggregate tenancy data from multiple property management systems in Coyote.

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Ecosystem for CRE

Coyote gives you access to many other apps and integrations – providing con-textual relevance to your existing data.

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Custom reporting

The most powerful custom reporting engine on the market. Of-course we’d say that, but it’s true.

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