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With multiple teams operating in different geographical locations and across various time zones, it can make team collaboration difficult.

Tracking the progress of a collaborative project is often complicated and communication at every stage can be a frustrating business. Compounded by the fact that software commonly used in property management and asset management often doesn’t allow for multiple users to login concurrently.

There has to be a better way. That way is Coyote.

The benefits of team collaboration tools

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Enhanced team productivity

Facilitate smoother collaboration between individuals and wider teams, meaning objectives and project milestones are met faster, and with higher quality results.

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Repeatable scalable processes

Take ownership of internal processes and utilise Coyote to ensure that steps are completed at every stage of your process.

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Designed by property professionals who understand all of the pain points that can occur in a collaborative real estate project.

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Our team collaboration tools help to solve real-world issues for investment managers, asset managers and property managers

Create your own task list or pick from one of your companies pre-defined templates.
Easily assign and monitor tasks to individuals and teams, to make your acquisition process more efficient.

Create new lease approval or capex approval workflows.
Manage all tasks in a central place and determine project dates and deadlines more accurately.

Spotted a maintenance issue on a routine a site inspection?
Log it onsite, upload the photo evidence, dictate a note, and schedule a follow-up – all from Coyote on your phone or tablet.

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More features our clients love

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All parties access

Work faster and smarter with Coyote.

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Custom reporting

The most powerful custom reporting engine on the market. Of-course we’d say that, but it’s true.

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Ecosystem for CRE

Coyote gives you access to many other apps and integrations – providing contextual relevance to your existing data.

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Market data integrations

Coyote integrates and aggregates data from multiple providers, in a simple, centralised dashboard.

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