For Acquisition Teams

Acquisition Teams love Coyote because it lets you analyse investment opportunities quicker and get a real-time view of your acquisition pipeline.

For Asset Managers

Asset Managers love Coyote because it displays all of your property data in a way that makes it easy to manage portfolios and assets.

For Property Managers

Property Managers love Coyote because it combines your in-house property management data with information stored in clients’ systems, allowing consistent reporting and real-time client access.

Reports at the click of a button

Custom-built reporting engine fully integrated with Word and Excel

Reporting can be onerous – you spend weeks compiling reports and in the end, you become blind to the content of the report as you're fixated on the compilation of it.

Coyote produces ready-to-go reports, not just charts and graphs. It takes seconds to produce a quick 2-pager or a 100-page monster – saving you hours, even days on reporting. With Coyote, you can focus on the added-value areas like checking the numbers are right, the analysis and the commentary.

We take the hassle out of reporting

We recognise that not all reports are created the same and that's why we don’t ship Coyote with any standard reports. We work with you to produce custom branded reports, with your logos and your colours.

If the data is in Coyote, we can produce a report on it.

Acquisition Teams

Produce your Investment Committee (IC) papers, Board Packs, Request for Finance Proposals (RFP), or Tour Packs in seconds.

Asset Managers

Reporting for banks, equity providers or even internal reporting….Coyote will save you days on your monthly and quarterly reporting.

Property Managers

Achieve consistency of reporting across your entire portfolio.

Better still, why not give your clients real-time access to Coyote?