For Acquisition Teams

Acquisition Teams love Coyote because it lets you analyse investment opportunities quicker and get a real-time view of your acquisition pipeline.

For Asset Managers

Asset Managers love Coyote because it displays all of your property data in a way that makes it easy to manage portfolios and assets.

For Property Managers

Property Managers love Coyote because it combines your in-house property management data with information stored in clients’ systems, allowing consistent reporting and real-time client access.

All parties access

Coyote is designed with third-party access in mind

At times you might want to grant Coyote access to the likes of equity providers, debt providers, lawyers, building surveyors, insurers, environmental consultants or agents. Coyote makes this easy to do.

We’ve built an incredibly granular security model, meaning you can control who has access, what they see, and what users can do.

All activity is tracked and logged, giving you a full audit trail and the total peace of mind that your data is secure.

Control who sees what

Granting third party access to Coyote is easy. Simply click the 'Add user' button and select the appropriate permissions.

You choose what they see and what they can access – whether that's read-only access to a single asset or editing rights across an entire portfolio.

Acquisition Teams

Sending a Request for Finance Proposal (RFP) to several lenders? Grant direct access and monitor engagement.

Introduce new deals to investors in a more visually engaging way.

Asset Managers

Why not give your service providers access to Coyote?

Giving third parties real-time access will help to increase the efficiency of your portfolio management.

Property Managers

Give your clients a branded portal which provides real-time access to their data, increasing their ability to self-serve.

Maybe not for everyone, but we know some clients love this transparency.