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Design Resources and Brand Guidelines


Our primary brand colors are green and blue. They are used to provide accessibility, simplicity, and consistency throughout all brand communications.

Coyote Green

HEX: #00e1ae

CMYK: 63, 0, 25, 0

RGB: 0,225,174

Pantone: 333 C

Coyote Blue

HEX: #0f3e82

CMYK: 99, 80, 12, 1

RGB: 15,62,130

Pantone: 7687 C

HEX: #00ebbc

RGB: 0,235,188

HEX: #00f1cd

RGB: 0,241,205

HEX: #78f6dd

RGB: 120,246,221

HEX: #c0fbee

RGB: 192,251,238

HEX: #32659f

RGB: 50,101,159

HEX: #678cb8

RGB: 103,140,184

HEX: #9ab1d0

RGB: 154,177,208

HEX: #cdd8e7

RGB: 205,216,231


Logo Package

Containing eps, png and jpg’s of our logo.

Downloaddonwload image logo

Updated 30/01/2020

Brand Guidelines

A handy pdf reference to our brand.

Downloaddonwload image logo

Updated 30/01/2020


If you require more information or
guidance please contact:
Jon Williams

For permission to use Coyote assets
in activity please contact:
Fred Attrill

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